I spent half a day yesterday running a bespoke version of Scribble Lab 1™ with 12 members of the House of Fraser learning and development (L&D) team.

HoF 25th May 2016 Scribble Lab Pic 1 SMALL

The team is keen to incorporate visual thinking approaches into their work and the workshop helped them begin to develop the core drawing skills needed to do this.

Developing these core drawing skills will enable them to feel confident in creating images to communicate information and drive conversation during the design and delivery phases of their work across multiple learning channels.

HoF 25th May 2016 Scribble Lab Pic 2 SMALL

At the end of the session, the session participants were all able to identify immediate ways in which they could incorporate the skills learnt during the Scribble Lab into their current and future work.

To find out more about Scribble Labs™ and how they could benefit your organisation and teams, please contact us.

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