Two new Vision rich pictures for Travelodge UK


Following on from creating three vision rich pictures for Travelodge functions last year, I’m very pleased to share that Crackerjack are working with Travelodge again to create two new vision rich pictures.

Does your organisation need a Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

CVO role Oct 2nd 23

If you’re a new, existing and/or growing organisation, having a clear vision is vital in enabling your people to focus their efforts on the activities and innovations that will enable the vision to be achieved. A CVO is focussed on ensuring this happens as effectively as possible.

Why am I so passionate about visual thinking?

JA Sept 23

In this short video, I share my thoughts and experiences of how visual thinking and rich pictures can help drive breakthrough thinking, facilitate organisational discussions and even help change organisational cultures.

Pipster Solutions Visioning Workshop

Pipster Solutions Visioning Workshop

Great day yesterday facilitating my Vision and Values workshop with Pippa Birch CPP. CAP. APMP MIAT MCIHT and the team at Pipster Solutions Ltd.

Lovely start to the day!

Heywood House

Lovely start to the day here at my clients office – just started the visioning workshop I’m running and the clients team are out on a scavenger hunt!

Collaboratively build your Vision and Values

GENERIC Vision Lab Workshop

Collaboratively working with your people to create or renew the vision and values of your organisation can be one of the most valuable activities you can undertake as a leader.