Creatively combining visual thinking, facilitation and consultancy to develop and communicate your vision and strategy

How we help...

We use our signature Crackerjack Visioning Process™ to creatively combine visual thinking, facilitation and consultancy to collaboratively develop, communicate and engage people with your vision and strategy.

Creativity can break down barriers to unite a team and enable them to form forward thinking visions.
Our unique visual approach inspires and unleashes the ideas that will help you and your teams to change, transform and grow your SME, corporate, charity or non-profit organisation.

Example rich pictures produced for our clients…

What we do...


We work with you and your people to visualise your vision (your organisations purpose) as a rich picture or animation.

  • Understanding
  • Communication
  • Engagement


We check and challenge your organisations principles and behaviours, ensuring they align with your vision.

  • Belief
  • Trust
  • Advocacy


We help you identify and visually map the key actions needed to implement your strategy and achieve your vision.

  • Clarity
  • Momentum
  • Performance

Find out more about the benefits of visual thinking in our magazine below!

Who we work with...

What our clients say...

The value we offer is not just in the images we develop, but the journey we go on together to create them.

Our Crackerjack Visioning Process™ Products

The Crackerjack Visioning Process™ for Teams

Helping you visualise your vision and values + the skills, behaviours and actions needed to achieve it!

Our signature Crackerjack Visioning Process™ helps you and your team collaboratively build your vision – and then we create and rich picture illustration to act as your map to achieving your vision.

A brilliant way to bring inclusivity and engagement to the visioning process!

1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ for Business Owners

The 1-1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™

Develop invaluable knowledge, insight and understanding of your business by Working through the 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process for Business Owners™.

Following your 1:1 initial session with Crackerjack, you will receive your unique ‘Vision and Strategy Map’ and ‘Action Checklist’ providing you with the direction and plan to enable the achievement of your businesses goals and aspirations.

Our Visual Thinking Services

Strategic Vision Rich Pictures

Visual Communication - Choice Support Digital Transformation Vision

Rich Pictures provide vision, direction and understanding for people going through change or transformation.

By working with you and your team during the development of the rich picture, the collaborative design process ensures that our rich pictures engage and inspire!

Visual Meeting Facilitation

Visual Communication | Visual Meeting Facilitation - Crackerjack Visual Thinking

Visual meeting facilitation combines best practice facilitation techniques with the power of visual thinking.

Ideal for team away days, problem solving sessions and any other event where group dialogue and collaboration is vital.

Graphic Recording

Visual Communication | Live Scribing - Crackerjack Visual Thinking

Graphic Recording (also known as Live Scribing) is the creation of an image that provides you with a visual record of a meeting or event.

Created in real-time, the image captures key messages, concepts and discussions as they happen.

Whiteboard Animations

Talent Transfer 2022

Deliberately simple yet highly impactful, whiteboard animations build-up stories and guide people around the narrative at a pace that enables understanding and maintains engagement.

Great to use as part of a mutli-channel engagement and communication initiative.

Visual Skills Training

Visual communication - Visual thinking toolkit

Our Visual Thinking Skills Training is designed to help you explore and develop the skills you need to use the power of Visual Thinking in your own work.

Ideal for trainers, managers and any one else who leads and facilitates meetings.

Visualising change and transformation increases your chance of success by 42%*

*Based on research by Dr. Gail Matthews, Dominican University, California

The Crackerjack Blog


Two new Vision rich pictures for Travelodge UK

Following on from creating three vision rich pictures for Travelodge functions last year, I’m very pleased to share that Crackerjack are working with Travelodge again to create two new vision rich pictures.

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