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JA_Bio_Pic_2018“Crackerjack Visual Thinking helps you to draw out and communicate your brilliant ideas using visual thinking approaches that engage people, increase understanding and drive change.”


Graphic Facilitation

Meeting design and facilitation with a visual twist to help you and your teams get those brilliant ideas out of your heads and onto paper so that they can be discussed, challenged, developed and implemented!GF

Graphic Recording

Live real-time creation of large hand-drawn images that capture the key ideas, concepts and conversations that emerge during your meetings, events or focus groups. We offer traditional marker pen and paper graphic recording alongside our popular iPad based digital graphic recording service.FFBF693B-0756-47F3-8D74-E29C2F168376

Rich Pictures

Detailed hand-drawn images created in the studio that tell complex stories in easy to understand and engaging ways.RP


Ideal for bringing extra energy and impact to visually communicating ideas and stories to your people.ANI

Scribble Labs™

Training designed to help you explore and develop the skills you need to use the power of visual thinking in your work. Particularly useful for those involved in communication, change and transformation projects!

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