We create pictures that help people SEE their BIG IDEAS

Research has shown that by visualising your BIG IDEAS you increase your chances of success by 42%

Based on research by Dr. Gail Matthews, Dominican University, California

We help people, teams and organisations SEE their BIG IDEAS using our range of Visual Thinking Tools...

Strategic Vision Rich Pictures

Rich pictures increase engagement with your organisations teams, partners and customers. This helps you share your vision, complex stories and key messages in easy to understand and impactful ways.

Used standalone or as part of planned communication and engagement initiative, rich pictures can be shared on-line or in print formats including posters, murals, large format displays and interactive business games.

Complexity Simplified

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations that are ideal for bringing extra energy and impact to communicating ideas and stories to your people.

Deliberately simple in their approach, yet highly impactful, whiteboard animations build-up stories and guide people around the narrative at a pace that enables understanding and maintains engagement. Voiceovers, music, sound effects and motion add further layers of engagement to the experience.

People Engaged

Live Scribing

Live Scribing is the creation of an image in real-time that provides you with a visual record of a meeting or event.

The image acts as an aide memoir for participants, visualising how the participants thinking developed during the event and capturing key inputs on the day (e.g. from key speakers).

Live scribing (also know as graphic recording) can be provided for your virtual or face to face meetings and events.

Thoughts Captured

SEE Your Future™ Visual Goal Setting

Using our unique series of SEE Your Future™ visual templates, we work with you to visualise and clarify your goals for the coming year (or another timescale of your choosing) and identify the key actions you will need to take to achieve them.

By visualising your goals, research has shown that you increase your chances of success by 42%!

Clear Goals

Personal Vision Rich Pictures

Crackerjack will work with you to create your professional, life or career (or combination of the three) vision rich picture illustrating your goals and mapping the journey you need to take to achieve them.

This can be particuarly helpful during times of change or challenge, when a clear focus on the future and a big picture view is most needed.

Journey Mapped

Visual Coaching

Our coaching service differs from standard approaches to coaching by exploring subjects visually using visual thinking tools and approaches.

This visual approach allows people to SEE subjects more clearly and visualise their thoughts, hopes, fears and ways forward in greater clarity. Links between issues that have may not have been obvious previously are visualised more clearly using the visual coaching approach.

Ideas Explored

Visual Meeting Facilitation

Visual thinking techniques are used to enhance the effectiveness of your meetings and help you and your teams get those brilliant ideas out of your heads and onto paper so that they can be discussed, challenged, developed and implemented – and no previous drawing skills are needed!

Providing meeting design and facilitation services with a visual twist, we are also happy to work with you to design your meeting ready for you to facilitate it.

Effective Meetings

Scribble Lab™ Training

Our Scribble Labs™ are designed to help you explore and develop the skills you need to use the power of Visual Thinking in your work.

Scribble Labs™ are particularly useful for those involved in communication, change and transformation projects. They provide a toolkit of instantly deployable visual thinking tools and techniques for exploring ideas, capturing moments of genius, problem solving, process mapping and idea generation.

Skills Developed

Additional Services

In addition to our visual thinking tools, we are able to offer additional services including learning and development, performance management and online learning consultancy.

This holistic approach enables us to work with you to embed your Vision through your most important asset – your people.

Holistic Approach

The value we offer is not just in the images we develop, but the journey we go on together to create them.

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Our Story

A brief history of Crackerjack Visual Thinking

Scribbling since 2009…

Crackerjack People Development Ltd (trading as Crackerjack Visual Thinking) was formed in 2009 by John Ashton B.Ed (hons).

A mix of skills and experience…

John combines over a decade of experience running Crackerjack with his previous experience in learning and organisational development roles to offer a unique, supportive and pragmatic approach to helping people and organisations SEE their future using visual thinking approaches.

Unique insights…

Providing visual thinking services to organisations across multiple sectors has provided John with a unique insight into the workings of organisations across the UK, Europe and further afield. He brings these insights and learning’s into his work to provide added value to clients, constructively checking and challenging their thinking and sharing ideas and new perspectives where appropriate.

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