Crackerjack’s Scribble Labs™ are designed to help you explore and develop the skills you need to use the power of Visual Thinking in your work.

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We currently offer three different Scribble Labs™ and all are facilitated by John Ashton (owner of Crackerjack Visual Thinking). Available as both open and in-house workshops, we ensure that:

To find about each of our Scribble Labs™ and decide which one is right for your needs, please read the overview of each workshop below and then click on the heading for more information:

Scribble Lab™ 1: Get Scribbling!

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Enabling you to draw great graphics and simple visual tools that you can use in the meetings and events you lead.

Scribble Lab™ 2: Listen, Think, Scribble!

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Introducing you to the art of creating real-time visual records of meetings and events (often referred to as Live Scribing or Graphic Recording) as they happen.

Scribble Lab™ 3: Including Scribbling In Your Event Design!

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Helping you unleash the power of Visual Thinking in your meeting, workshop and event designs!


If you have any questions about our Scribble Labs™ then please do contact us or visit

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