#Visualising Interflora’s #strategy, developing an aerospace #explainer #animation and #graphicrecording an NHS event: all in a weeks work for www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com

Using visual thinking approaches to share complex information is increasingly recognised as an really effective element of organisational engagement initiatives across many sectors. The last week has proved this!

I’ve been working at an event to visualise Interflora’s strategy, created a whiteboard style explainer video for a major aerospace organisation and graphic recorded at an NHS Neuro-Rehabilitation workshop (take a look at my Twitter feed @johnashtonuk to read some of the feedback about this).

Neuro Rehab Graphic Recording
Graphic recording created live at NHS Neuro-Rehabilition event

In all cases, visual thinking approaches have helped to turn ideas and thoughts into tangible visual reality across this broad range of organisations.

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John Ashton – Director

We’ll soon be ‘revealing all’ about our busy summer here at Crackerjack! #visualthinking #communication #engagement

Hope you all had a great summer!

Whilst we’ve been able to fit a few holidays in over the summer, we’ve also been busy supporting clients  in a number of different ways. Whilst we can’t yet reveal everything we’ve been doing (client confidentiality, hence the blurred images below!), we can tell that we’ve doing lots including:

  • Creating a new interactive toolkit to help managers improve quality and care at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. The toolkit is due to be launched in the next few days.


  • Graphic recording for number of clients including Northumbrian Water, National Trust and Oxford University Hospitals.

  • Delivering our first 1:1 Scribble Lab coaching programme for a client at EVHR Consulting.

  • Creating a rich picture detailing Solent NHS Trusts new strategic direction.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 10.26.13.png

We’ll be revealing more details on this work over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, why not visit www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com to find out more about our work. Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Sneaky Peak! #visualthinking

Just thought I’d share a few small elements of a much larger rich picture I’m creating for a client to help them communicate their new vision and engage their target audience in their work.

Sneaky Peak-01 copy

The staring point for the rich picture was a powerpoint presentation containing outline bullet points for each element of the new vision. I then worked with the client to really understand and explore the vision and identify the real-life impact this would have on their target audience.

From this exploration I’ve been able to create a rich picture that visually shows how their vision will enable their target audience to make a real impact to the lives of the general public.

I’m hoping to be able to share the whole graphic with you in June once it’s been launched at the organisations annual conference (where I’m also creating a live graphic recording of the key themes, thoughts and ideas emerging from the event).

To find out more about our work, please visit www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com or contact us.

House of Fraser chooses Crackerjack Visual Thinking’s Scribble Lab™ 1 to help develop its #visualthinking skills!

Crackerjack Visual Thinking is very pleased to have been asked to deliver a bespoke version of our Scribble Lab™ 1 visual thinking training workshop to House of Fraser’s learning and development team later this month.

Scribble Lab™ 1 enables participants to draw great graphics and use simple visual tools in the meetings and events they lead (ideal for learning and development teams).

To find out more about Scribble Labs™ click here or visit www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com

Include Visual Thinking

NEW Scribble Lab™ Visual Thinking Skills Workshops

Crackerjack’s Scribble Labs™ are designed to help you explore and develop the skills you need to use the power of Visual Thinking in your work.

Power of Visual Thinking.png

We currently offer three different Scribble Labs™ and all are facilitated by John Ashton (owner of Crackerjack Visual Thinking). Available as both open and in-house workshops, we ensure that:

  • All of our workshops are run using best practise visual thinking and graphic facilitation principles.
  • No more than 8 people attend each workshop, so you can be sure you will receive plenty of direct coaching and support from John during your chosen Scribble Lab™.

To find about each of our Scribble Labs™ and decide which one is right for your needs, please read the overview of each workshop below and then click on the heading for more information:

Scribble Lab™ 1: Get Scribbling!

Get Scribbling.png

Enabling you to draw great graphics and simple visual tools that you can use in the meetings and events you lead.

Scribble Lab™ 2: Listen, Think, Scribble!

Listen Think Scribble.png

Introducing you to the art of creating real-time visual records of meetings and events (often referred to as Live Scribing or Graphic Recording) as they happen.

Scribble Lab™ 3: Including Scribbling In Your Event Design!

Include Visual Thinking.png

Helping you unleash the power of Visual Thinking in your meeting, workshop and event designs!


If you have any questions about our Scribble Labs™ then please do contact us or visit www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com

Small details = Big Conversations #visualthinking #engagement

I’ve just completed a rich picture for a client to help them communicate some important ideas to one of their key customers. As with all of our visual thinking work, the images we create are there to facilitate the right conversations between people.

To do this we ensure each element of the image serves a purpose and communicates a key message. It’s often the small details included in the images that can create the biggest conversations!

The example below shows just a few small elements of a much larger image we created for the client:

To find out how Crackerjack Visual Thinking can help you visualise the small details you need to facilitate the ‘big conversations’ in your organisation, visit www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com or email info@crackerjackvisualthinking.com

Seeing the ‘big picture’ #visualthinking #engagement

One of Crackerjack’s clients sent through a picture of the rich picture we created of their organisations past and future journey. It was great to see it in pride of place in their office!

A Crackerjack rich picture
A Crackerjack rich picture visualising an organisations journey in one of our clients offices

We created the rich picture using a collaborative approach with the organisations team members, using their initial thoughts and ideas as the basis for the final image.

The rich picture is used to by existing team members to keep the organisations mission and objectives at the front of their minds in the work they are doing. The rich picture is also used as part of the induction process for new team members and as an introduction for visitors to the organisation and its work.

To find our more about our work visit http://www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com or email info@crackerjackvisualthinking.com