Working with the Weetabix On The Go Team #visualthinking

I spent yesterday with the Weetabix On The Go team at their office at Weetabix HQ in Northamptonshire. I’m helping them to visualise their teams amazing journey from internal Weetabix start-up to the UKs #1 breakfast drink. The starting point for this work is to identify the special ‘ingredients’ that have helped them to become a super-successful team and business. Now on with creating the rich picture to help them tell their story!

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s the latest client feedback about working with Crackerjack Visual Thinking #engage #communicate #visualise

We’ve just received the following feedback from Chris Henderson, Founder of One Third More about the work we’ve recently undertaken for him:

“I commissioned John Ashton of Crackerjack Visual Thinking to create a rich picture and hand-drawn animation of the key themes I explore in my book ‘Jump!: Deliver astonishing results by unleashing your leadership team’. John worked with me to understand the key messages I wanted to communicate and developed a metaphor and storyboard that visualised the story I wanted to tell. The rich picture and animation are excellent and give me two valuable resources that I can share with clients, use in presentations and display on my website. I found working with John to be both thought provoking and supportive and look forward to working with him again on future projects.”

Chris Henderson | Founder of One Third More

Here’s the rich picture we created for Chris. Click on the image to see the hand-drawn animation:


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Institute of Quarrying (@IQ_UK) ask Crackerjack #VisualThinking to create rich pictures to help #engage people with the world of #quarrying

We’re very pleased to share that the Institute of Quarrying (IQ) have asked us to create two rich pictures to engage people in the world of quarrying. The rich pictures will visualise the life-cycle of a quarry and the processes and job roles involved in quarrying.

The rich pictures will used for a variety of purposes including induction, training, communications and awareness raining activity.

Excitingly, the rich pictures will be also be displayed near the IQs QuarryGarden at the first ever RHS Chatsworth Flower Show being held in June 2017.

Quarry Garden.jpgC44d-v5UYAArBLK.jpg

Quarry Garden (picture courtesy of the Institute of Quarrying)

We look forward to working with the IQ again on this project and also wish the IQ “Happy Birthday” as they celebrate their centenary this year!

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Variety is the spice of [#visualthinking] life! #communicate #think #engage

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog over the last few weeks as we’ve been working on a variety of new projects. Variety is definitely the right word as over the last couple of weeks we’ve been involved in:

  • Developing a hand-drawn animation to help people better understand the UK Power Network

    Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.21.38

  • Helping to capture how care services can be better designed for those with dementia and other cognitive conditions


  • Developing a hand-drawn animation to raise awareness of health and safety across a large multi-national aerospace organisation…
  • Developing a rich of picture of how a ‘Model Hospital‘ operates…
  • Working with a senior team to visualise what a great place to work looks like…


This variety demonstrates how visual thinking approaches can successfully help all types of organisations to have better conversations and share ideas and information more effectively.

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Interflora and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust choose Crackerjack to help visualise their thinking #visualthinking

Crackerjack Visual Thinking is really pleased to share that Interflora and Central Manchester University Hostpitals NHS Foundation Trust have both asked us to help them visualise their thinking.

We’ll be providing the full range of visual thinking services including graphic facilitation and rich picture creation to these new clients.

We’re really looking forward to working with both of these organisations and helping them use visual thinking to communicate important information and engage their people over the next few months.

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Dan Roam’s guaranteed way to get your team drawing, fast! #visualthinking #teams #drawing #thinking

I was in Texas last week. I lead a multinational financial services company through my half-day visual training seminar. They loved it, and asked how they might quickly get colleagues around the world to start drawing more. I suggested a quick visual exercise I call, “The Double-Venn Drill.” It goes like this: The Double-Venn Drill…

via A guaranteed way to get your team drawing, fast! —

My #graphicrecording nearly made someone cry!!! #engage #communicate

Last week, as part of an event I was supporting, I was lucky enough to graphic record in real-time the inspirational career journey of a champion of diversity and equity in the NHS, Yvonne Coghill OBE.

Her story was thought provoking and clearly highlighted how people can champion and enable diversity and equity for all. Clearly people were moved, challenged and energised by the story of her career journey.

Afterwards, Yvonne came and had a look at the graphic recording I had created of her journey. Her response was one of amazement as she was able to review her career journey visually for the first time. She said she found it very emotional to see her journey mapped out on paper and almost felt like crying (in a good way I hasten to add!). She was also kind enough to Tweet about it after the event.



She liked the graphic recording of her journey so much that she wants to use it in future presentations that she gives about her work and journey.

For me, this once again highlighted the power of visualising information and the effect this can have on individuals (and in turn teams and organisations). Engagement is the shared goal of virtually all organisations and therefore I would encourage everyone to think about how visualising information in a way that stimulates and connects with people can help them in this goal.

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John Ashton
Crackerjack Visual Thinking