Open an ‘art gallery’ to drive #innovation in your organisation!

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase innovation, creativity and communication in your organisation, here’s a plan:

1. Buy enough coloured marker pens and large sheets of paper for everyone in your business!
2. Give them the confidence and skills (via appropriate visual thinking training) to be able to sketch/scribble/draw their thoughts, ideas and moments of genius.
3. Encourage them to share their sketches with others in the business.
4. Encourage people to (constructively!) add to, amend, change and develop each other’s sketches.
5. Set up an ‘art gallery’ (real or virtual) and display everyone’s sketches and masterpieces.
6. Arrange for everyone to visit the gallery and ask everyone to show which sketches they would buy (i.e. which thoughts/ideas they think have most potential to move the organisation forward) by either ticking the sketch or sticking a post-it to it.
7. Identify the top three most popular sketches/ideas in your art gallery.
8. TAKE ACTION! Try and implement the top three idea/s in your organisation! After all, a good idea that isn’t actioned remains just an idea!

Visit to learn more about how visual thinking can be used to drive innovation and creativity in your organisation.

Published by John Ashton

I work with you and your people to create images that start a conversation in your organisation. If you are an organisation going through change, starting something new or simply wanting to engage people with your idea or story, I can help. Using a combination of people development techniques, visual thinking approaches and graphic facilitation skills, I help organisations and individuals discuss, explore and visualise their thinking – increasing understanding, learning and collaboration in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. So, if your organisation is going through change, starting something new or simply wanting to engage people with your story, please contact me using the contact details above or visit to find out more.

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