Crackerjack Visual Thinking to develop the #visualthinking skills of the #Interflora senior leadership team

I’m pleased to share with you that Crackerjack Visual Thinking will be working with the Interflora senior leadership team (SLT) in November to help them develop their visual thinking skill set. We’ll be focussing on helping them develop both confidence and technique in drawing and also capturing information visually in a live environment. The goalContinue reading “Crackerjack Visual Thinking to develop the #visualthinking skills of the #Interflora senior leadership team”

Quick Poll: Have you shared an idea with colleagues by drawing it? #visualthinking

It would be great if you had 30 seconds to complete the following poll to help us understand more about how people use drawing to share ideas in the workplace! Thanks for you help! John Crackerjack Visual Thinking

Open an ‘art gallery’ to drive #innovation in your organisation!

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase innovation, creativity and communication in your organisation, here’s a plan: 1. Buy enough coloured marker pens and large sheets of paper for everyone in your business! 2. Give them the confidence and skills (via appropriate visual thinking training) to be able to sketch/scribble/draw their thoughts, ideasContinue reading “Open an ‘art gallery’ to drive #innovation in your organisation!”