#Visualising Interflora’s #strategy, developing an aerospace #explainer #animation and #graphicrecording an NHS event: all in a weeks work for www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com

Using visual thinking approaches to share complex information is increasingly recognised as an really effective element of organisational engagement initiatives across many sectors. The last week has proved this! I’ve been working at an event to visualise Interflora’s strategy, created a whiteboard style explainer video for a major aerospace organisation and graphic recorded at an NHS […]

1 minute animated guide to finding the right #visualthinking approach for your organisations #learning, #engagement, #collaboration and #communication needs

Crackerjack Visual Thinking helps people think, learn and collaborate more effectively using a range of visual thinking approaches that engage people, increase understanding and improve communication. Take a look at our 1 minute guide below to find the right visual thinking approach for your needs and then contact us and visit http://www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com to discuss your specific […]

Crackerjack Visual Thinking’s new ‘menu’ helps you find the best way to #engage and #communicate with your people in 2017. #visualthinking

Happy New Year! To help you get 2017 off to a flying start, we’ve created a new Crackerjack Visual Thinking ‘Menu’ that provides you with a quick reference guide to our services and how they can meet your organisations needs. So if you are looking to engage and communicate with your people in new and […]

Quick Poll: Have you shared an idea with colleagues by drawing it? #visualthinking

It would be great if you had 30 seconds to complete the following poll to help us understand more about how people use drawing to share ideas in the workplace! Thanks for you help! John Crackerjack Visual Thinking http://www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com

What’s your plan for this week? #achieve #visualthinking

Monday morning’s here again! Do you plan for the week ahead? I don’t mean just ensuring that you know when you’ve got meetings in your diary this week! Have you taken the time to think about how the actions you take this week will enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals? If not, here’s […]

These organisations have one thing in common: #visual #thinking

What do Macmillan Cancer Support, the NHS and Westmill Foods all have in common? The answer is that they all want to use visual thinking tools to help communicate information to people (including in these cases staff, patients and strategic business partners) and start or continue important conversations in their organisations. They have recognised how incorporating […]

Great photo’s of Crackerjack’s latest #graphicrecording

Thanks to Dan Lord at Forecast Design (visit their Facebook page here) for these great photo’s of my work from the #IQ2105 Conference earlier this week. Visit http://www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com to find out more about how we can help start a conversation in your organisation.

Engage for Success Radio: Crackerjack discusses the links between #visualthinking and employee engagement #e4s #engagement #communication

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of discussing the links between visual thinking and employee engagement on the Engage for Success Radio Show. As a supporter of the Engage for Success movement, it was great to share thinking on how using visual thinking tools and techniques in an organisation can help people have better conversations […]

Open an ‘art gallery’ to drive #innovation in your organisation!

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase innovation, creativity and communication in your organisation, here’s a plan: 1. Buy enough coloured marker pens and large sheets of paper for everyone in your business! 2. Give them the confidence and skills (via appropriate visual thinking training) to be able to sketch/scribble/draw their thoughts, ideas […]