Latest client feedback about a rich picture created for the Strategic Consultancy team at AECOM Transportation (EMIA)

We’re very pleased to be able share this feedback from Steve Walton, Associate Director for Strategic Consultancy at AECOM Transportation (EMIA) in relation to 2019 Business Plan rich picture Crackerjack created earlier this year: “Back in September 2018 AECOM’s Strategic Consultancy needed a way to visualise what we do. We wanted to find some way […]

Running a 2017 Kick-Off event in January? If so, read this! #engage #communicate #visualthinking

Are you running a kick-off meeting in early 2017 to get you and your team ready for the year ahead? Being clear about what you want to achieve in 2017 and how you are going to do this is vital to the success of your organisation. 60 page PowerPoint presentations and over-long speeches are not […]

Great feedback about our #Quality #Improvement Toolkit from Oxford University Hospitals #NHS #engage #communicate

Earlier this year, Crackerjack was commissioned by Belinda Boulton (Director of Transformation for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) to design and produce an on-line interactive service improvement guide for her organisation. The ‘Oxford Quality Improvement Toolkit’ brings together numerous quality improvement tools, templates and techniques into one simple to use practical guide that is […]

What’s your plan for this week? #achieve #visualthinking

Monday morning’s here again! Do you plan for the week ahead? I don’t mean just ensuring that you know when you’ve got meetings in your diary this week! Have you taken the time to think about how the actions you take this week will enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals? If not, here’s […]

Can you sketch your organisations business model in 5 minutes? #businessmodel #businessmodelcanvas

Here’s a visual thinking approach to checking the logic and clarity of your organisations business model: 1. Print off a copy (as big as possible) of @AlexOsterwalders Business Model Canvas from the Business Model Generation website. This will give you a great framework in which to visualise your thinking about your business model. 2. Use minimal […]

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A pen and paper – one of the most powerful business and thinking tools available… #visualthinking

Crackerjack Visual Thinking believes that the combination of a pen and a piece of paper is one of the most powerful business and thinking tools available. The visual thinking approach is fundamentally based on using these simple tools (or their iPad style equivalents!) to create visual images that communicate ideas, facilitate discussion, engage thinking and provide a […]

Holiday’s help you refresh your view of the familiar

Whenever I return from a holiday, I’m always struck by how I notice even very small changes that have occurred in the area in which I live. It could be that someone has painted their door a slightly different colour, or that someone has planted a new plant in their garden. I then wonder if […]

Visual Thinking + Design Thinking = Innovation

I was graphic recording at an large event yesterday where one of the key themes of the day centred around design thinking and its ability to drive innovative (and sometimes unexpected) solutions in organisations. Of particular interest to me was the use of visual thinking techniques including graphic visioning, graphic recording and sketching during the […]