We create an image in real-time that provides you with a visual record of a meeting or event.

The image acts as an aide memoir for participants, visualising how the participants thinking developed during the event and capturing key inputs on the day (e.g. from key speakers).

Live scribing (also know as graphic recording) can be provided for your virtual or face to face meetings and events.

The images can be shared both online and in printed formats after the event.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Our live scribing process includes a scoping call, live scribing of your meeting or event and scanning/printing of the final graphic (where required).

  • Scoping call.
  • Live scribing of your meeting or event.
  • Scanning/printing of the final graphic (where required).

RESULT: People can literally see the outputs from meetings and events including how the their thinking developed and what actions have been agreed.

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