Rich pictures increase engagement with your organisations teams, partners and customers and help you share complex stories and messages in easy to understand and impactful ways.

Used standalone or as part of planned communication and engagement initiative, rich pictures can be shared on-line or in print formats including posters, murals, large format displays and interactive business games.


  • Complexity simplified.
  • Teams, partners and customers are engaged with your ideas and key messages.

Complexity Simplified

Useful Info

Delivery Method

Face to Face and Virtual options available

Pricing Structure

This service is priced on a per project basis

The details

What's included...

  • Initial scoping sessions.
  • An iterative design and feedback process.
  • Full feedback and sense-checking phase with stakeholders and a cross-section of your target audience.

Rich Pictures are ideal for engaging people with...

  • Organisational / Business Visions
  • Organisational / Business Strategies
  • Organisational Culture and Values
  • Transformation and Change Initiatives 
  • Induction and Onboarding 
  • Health & Safety and Regulatory Compliance

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