Rich Pictures

Creating a shared understanding of your organisation for your people, partners and customers


Strategic Vision Rich Pictures provide clarity, direction and understanding of your organisations purpose to your people, partners and customers. Visualising the WHY creates TRUST and LOYALTY in your organisation.

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This increases engagement, helping you share complex stories and key messages with impact and clarity.

Strategic Vision Rich Pictures are particularly helpful for organisations going through a significant change or transformation. The example presentation below shows how a rich picture was used to support a digital transformation programme at Choice Support.

Used standalone or as part of planned communication and engagement initiative, rich pictures can be shared on-line or in print formats including posters, murals, large format displays and interactive business games.


  • Complexity simplified.
  • Teams, partners and customers are engaged with your ideas and key messages.

The benefit of creating a shared understanding of your business

The example image below shows how a single rich picture image can create a shared understanding of your business for your people, partners and customers:

The example image visualises the following elements to help achieve this understanding:

  • Current business issues.
  • How effective Knowledge Management will resolve these issues.
  • How data will flow around the business.
  • How suppliers will be linked in with the new knowledge management process and data flow.
  • The benefits of the Knowledge Management process for customers.


This shared understanding of your business results in:

  • Your people understanding how their role fits into the business helps drive it forward.
  • Your partners understand how they link with your business and can support it effectively.
  • Your customers understand your business and the benefits to them of working with you.


This shared understanding of your business across these key groups of people creates opportunities for discussion, cooperation and new ideas that will benefit everyone.

Why rich pictures work so well for creating a shared understanding

Having a single visual overview of the various elements of your business allows people to see connections and linkages that may otherwise not be apparent. This builds on the brains ability to process visual data extremely effectively and creatively (which is based on the way the brain itself connects information via its neural pathways).

In addition, the visual impact and engagement a rich picture creates encourages people to want to look at the picture and understand the key messages it’s trying to communicate.

The details

What's included...

  • Initial scoping sessions.
  • An iterative design and feedback process.
  • Full feedback and sense-checking phase with stakeholders and a cross-section of your target audience.

Optional extra...

  • Vision and Value Workshops with your people to build the Vision in an inclusive, appreciative and collaborative way, building on the knowledge and experience of your teams.

Rich Pictures are ideal for engaging people with...

  • Account Based Marketing initiatives
  • Organisational / Business Visions
  • Organisational / Business Strategies
  • Organisational Culture and Values
  • Transformation and Change Initiatives 
  • Induction and Onboarding 
  • Health & Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Useful Info

Delivery Method

Face to Face and Virtual options available

Pricing Structure

This service is priced on a per project basis

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