Crackerjack now has visual thinking AND business startup websites!

Crackerjack now has two websites! provides you information about all of our visual thinking services including graphic recording and info graphics. aims to help you organise, visualise and develop your thinking about your new (or existing!) business by providing easy to use and engaging business development tools aimed primarily at entrepreneurs and newContinue reading “Crackerjack now has visual thinking AND business startup websites!”

A clear vision is the compass to success

When starting a new business, having a clear vision of what success looks like on both a business and personal level is vital. This knowledge is the compass that will guide you towards that success. #businesssuccess #visualthinking

What makes your business so different?

Do you really know what makes your business so different from the competition? Successful businesses ask themselves this question on a regular basis. Do you? #visualbusinessdevelopmnenttools #bigpicture #visualthinking #insightpack