Whenever I return from a holiday, I’m always struck by how I notice even very small changes that have occurred in the area in which I live. It could be that someone has painted their door a slightly different colour, or that someone has planted a new plant in their garden.

I then wonder if I would have noticed these small differences if I hadn’t had some time away from where I live?

It would seem to me that familiarity can make us less likely notice the changes around us.

Putting this into a work context, do we need to find ways of having ‘holidays’ from the projects we are working on in order to better understand what might have changed since we began our work?

Sometimes recognising these changes (however big or small) could provide us with vital information that will allow us to refine and further improve our work.

So, why not give yourself a ‘holiday’ from your work (even if it’s not two weeks in the sun!) and see if you can spot what’s changed since you went away?

Happy holidays!

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