Visual Thinking saves a business many £100k's!!!

Those of you who read my posts or have worked with me know that I’m a firm believer in driving real tangible business benefits from the visual thinking approaches I use. I see visual thinking as a ‘need to have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’. I was therefore extremely pleased to receive the following feedback about the real tangible business benefits that a series of whiteboard animations I’d created for a large aerospace organisation achieved:

"You saved us many £100k's with your visual thinking work on Aircraft Assembly Build. You turned what would have been 1000’s of pages of specifications in 6 languages into a series of simple animations.​"
Mark S
Supplier Quality Specialist | Aerospace Industry

Results like these reinforce my belief that visual thinking approaches create real tangible financial benefits for organisations in addition to the well known engagement and communication benefits of helping people see the big picture.

John Ashton

Founder of Crackerjack Visual Thinking

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