Creating your Personal Vision – a new service from Crackerjack Visual Thinking to help you map out your professional and life goals and help keep you on track

Personal Vision Rich Picture

Having a clear idea of where you’re heading in life (both professionally and personally) enables you to make the right decisions and choices along your journey towards your goals and ambitions. Having a map ensures you keep on track!

I’m very pleased to share with you that Crackerjack Visual Thinking is now offering its new ‘Create your Personal Vision’ service to those people looking to map out their own (or their teams) goals and ambitions and understand the steps they need to take to achieve them. Find out more about the new service below and feel free to contact me to learn more about the benefits of creating your Personal Vision.

John Ashton – Crackerjack Visual Thinking


We work with you to create your professional or life vision (or combination of the two) as a rich picture. This illustrates your professional or life goals and the journey you need to take to achieve them.


Building on our tried and tested approach to creating organisational vision rich pictures (examples shown below), your bespoke personal vison rich picture can be used as a map to help guide you in making the right decisions and choices along your journey and also as a reminder of what you are aiming to achieve.

This can be particuarly helpful during times of change or challenge, when a clear focus on the future and a big picture view is most needed.

Combining elements of coaching with our visual thinking approach enables us to support you as you plan for your future.

Whether it’s a 1 year vision or a 20 year vision, your personal vision rich picture will be a reference point that travels with you on your journey.

We are happy to work with you to update your personal vision rich picture on a regular or ad-hoc basis to ensure your personal vision continues to guide you towards your goals.


  • Initial session to agree the scope, focus and duration of the visioning process.
  • Virtual/face to face sessions to explore your professional or life vision.
  • Creation of your personalised vision rich picture.

RESULT: You can see your personal goals and ambitions and have a clear route to achieveing them.

We’d love to talk about your ideas and see if we can help you visualise them!

Click on the button below and let’s start a conversation…

Published by John Ashton

I combine coaching, consultancy and visual thinking to help you grow your ideas and communicate your vision.

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