Changing career successfully requires planning and forethought. Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you can get there is vital.

Your Personal Vision acts as a map and career compass…

Visualising your vision as an image provides you with a quick reference map as you progress along your journey towards your new career. It helps you see the skills you need to develop, the relationships you need to build, the decisions you need to make and the behaviours you need to grow. It acts as the career compass to keep you on course.

The process of creating your vision is as important as the vision image itself!

The very act of creating your personal vision can also be as educational as the end vision image itself. Going through the process can reveal new ideas, things you hadn’t thought about, new pathways to your career – or even completely new career opportunities you hadn’t considered before!

Now’s the time to create your career change Personal Vision

John Ashton – Crackerjack Visual Thinking

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