Latest client feedback

Rich Picture Explainer

Latest feedback: “A fantastic visual representation of our clients journey…” Following my recent post about how rich pictures can create a shared understanding of a business (as shown in the example above), I was very pleased to receive the following unsolicited feedback about Crackerjack’s rich picture work from Dassault Systemes (a client I’ve been working […]

Sharing your Vision in a HYBRID working world

Hybrid World Vision

Sharing your Business Vision in a HYBRID working world Hybrid working is now the norm for many people… In a world where HYBRID WORKING is now normal for many people, it’s even more important that they UNDERSTAND and are ENGAGED with your BUSINESS VISION. As well as helping people see the purpose of the business, […]

Engage your customers during the sales process with a Rich Picture

Over the last couple of years, Crackerjack Visual Thinking has been working with clients to support their sales processes by creating bespoke rich pictures showing how their products and services align with their existing and potential customers needs. Rich pictures help customers ‘see’ how our clients products and services fit into their customers world (with […]

How rich picture’s help engage people during onboarding

Institute of Asphalt Technology Vision Rich Picture

Based on my previous experience in L&D (working for Boots the Chemists and The Nottingham Building Society), one of the crucial elements of engaging people during onboarding is providing them with a sense of purpose and place in the organisation. We can help people have a sense of purpose and place by: Helping them have […]

Personal Vision Rich Pictures – 1 minute overview

Personal Vision Overview - Crackerjack Visual Thinking

A Personal Vision rich picture illustrates your professional, life or career goals and the journey you need to take to achieve them. Ideal for career changers and those looking to take take the next steps in their personal and professional growth. IMAGE ABOVE: OVERVIEW OF THE TYPES OF SUBJECTS WE’LL EXPLORE DURING THE CREATION OF […]

Organisational Vision Rich Pictures – 1 minute overview

Organisational Vision Rich Pictures increase engagement with your organisations teams, partners and customers and help you share complex stories and messages in easy to understand and impactful ways. Used standalone or as part of planned communication and engagement initiative, rich pictures can be shared on-line or in print formats including posters, murals, large format displays […]