Crackerjack Visual Thinking was recently asked by David Hall, Eastlight Homes Executive Director for Resources, to create a whiteboard animation to support the finance section of Eastlight’s 2021 Annual General Meeting.

The brief was to create an engaging, informative and fun animation that provided an overview of how Eastlight provides value for money for its customers. David has kindly agreed to let us share the ‘Value for Money Journey’ animation below which takes people “along a road very near you”…

Eastlight Homes AGM 2021 Value for Money Journey Whiteboard Animation

After the event, we asked David how the animation had been received by the AGM audience and his answer was:

“Very well.  We presented the animation at the meeting yesterday evening and had some very positive immediate feedback. People liked the different and more informal approach to this subject and we are going to put it onto our website.”

David Hall | Executive Director Resources | Eastlight Homes

This was great to hear and we’re really pleased that the animation will provide on-going value via Eastlight’s website (in addition to the original aim of creating the animation for use at Eastlight’s AGM).

John Ashton – Crackerjack Visual Thinking

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