Great afternoon facilitating an event for Travis Perkins PLC #communicate #engage

Really enjoyed designing and facilitating an event for Travis Perkins PLC yesterday. The outputs from the event will be used for a variety of purposes including helping me design a rich picture showing the benefits to internal and external customers of a new system being launched in the coming months. This has been a really […]

Great workshop design session with my @TP_plc client at @SaintsRugby ground #graphicfacilitation #engage

Great workshop design session with my @TP_plc (Travis Perkins) client in readiness for an event next month. We met at the @SaintsRugby ground in Northampton (the venue for the event) and worked together to create a visual and interactive session that will achieve my clients objectives during and after the event. Looking forward to facilitating […]

Forming closer #strategic #partnerships using #visualthinking

I’m currently designing a visual rich picture for a client to use with one of their own key customers. The rich picture is visualising my clients ideas about how their customer can increase sales in a specific category in their UK-wide store network. Here’s a quick work in progress peek at one very small section of the rich picture: What’s […]

AndPartnership ‘Leading in a Changing World’ Event #graphicrecording

It was great to work with my friends at the AndPartnership last week at their annual free seminar. This years event explored the topic of ‘Leading in a Changing World’ and featured a number of guest speakers (including Andy Cope author of ‘The Art of Briliance‘). Here are the graphic recordings I produced live during […]

Let Crackerjack create a engaging visual record of your next meeting or event…

Graphic recording is the live real-time creation of a large visual record of a meeting or event (such as the graphic recording created by Crackerjack at the CIPD Annual 2013 Meeting shown above). The power of graphic recording is in the fact the brain recalls information more effectively when stimulated with a visual image than […]

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Small business owners – do you give yourself time to think about your business?

Small business owners out there – do you give yourself time to think about your business and where it’s going? Do you create the opportunity to step back and think about your business model, your customer experience and how you engage with your people? Do you get other business owners feedback about your business? If […]

Influencing customers final purchasing decisions

When two organisations provide very similar products and services at very similar prices, it is the customers ‘experience’ of the organisation that has the greatest influence on their final purchasing decision. The customer experience is influenced by many factors that need to work together holistically to provide the best ‘customer experience’ possible. Reviewing whether your […]