Christmas is the month after next – don’t panic!!! Having a clear vision for sales success will help everyone in your organisation know what they need to do achieve your seasonal goals.

Giving your people clarity about what they need to do at any time of year is important in the retail sector, but even more so when faced with the pressures and demands of the all important Christmas period.

Whilst you will probably have your sourcing plans in place, ensuring that your manufacturing, supply chain, order fulfilment, support services and customer facing operations are aligned, joined-up and working effectively will remain a key challenge over the next few months.

This is not only a matter of helping people understand their specific role in your organisation, but also helping them understand how their actions directly and indirectly impact on other people and processes involved upstream and downstream from them in your seasonal operations.

Illustrating the vision for your organisations Christmas operations via a rich picture can be one of the most effective ways of aligning your people to your plans in the run up to this key trading period. This approach creates a shared understanding of what needs to be done, as well as helping people see how they can best support their colleagues across the organisation in achieving your seasonal trading goals.

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John Ashton – Founder of Crackerjack Visual Thinking

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