Helping people throughout an organisation have a shared understanding the organisations story (often referred to as its strategic narrative) is a key part of any engagement strategy. The story can detail the history of the organisation, its current state and its future vision amongst other important information. For maximum impact, the story should detail the ‘what’ (i.e. what happened and when?), the ‘how’ (i.e. how were the things achieved?) and the ‘impact’ (i.e. how did people feel?). This combination of hard facts and emotion can provide a powerful tool in helping people understand the organisation, their feelings towards it, the role they have played and the role they can play in the future.

Now imagine that rather than just reading the story, people can see it mapped out visually on a large poster.

An operational storymap produced by Crackerjack Visual Thinking for Weetabix…

They can gather around the poster and use it (either ‘freeform’ or as part of a structured meeting or event) to stimulate thinking and discussion and engage with the organisations story on a deeper level. Imagine if this activity was repeated across the whole organisation so that everybody understood its strategic narrative. Powerful eh?

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