Creating your Personal Vision – a new service from Crackerjack Visual Thinking to help you map out your professional and life goals and help keep you on track

Having a clear idea of where you’re heading in life (both professionally and personally) enables you to make the right decisions and choices along your journey towards your goals and ambitions. Having a map ensures you keep on track!

I’m very pleased to share with you that Crackerjack Visual Thinking is now offering its new ‘Create your Personal Vision’ service to those people looking to map out their own (or their teams) goals and ambitions and understand the steps they need to take to achieve them. Find out more about the new service below and feel free to contact me to learn more about the benefits of creating your Personal Vision.

John Ashton – Crackerjack Visual Thinking


We work with you to create your professional or life vision (or combination of the two) as a rich picture. This illustrates your professional or life goals and the journey you need to take to achieve them.


Building on our tried and tested approach to creating organisational vision rich pictures (examples shown below), your bespoke personal vison rich picture can be used as a map to help guide you in making the right decisions and choices along your journey and also as a reminder of what you are aiming to achieve.

This can be particuarly helpful during times of change or challenge, when a clear focus on the future and a big picture view is most needed.

Combining elements of coaching with our visual thinking approach enables us to support you as you plan for your future.

Whether it’s a 1 year vision or a 20 year vision, your personal vision rich picture will be a reference point that travels with you on your journey.

We are happy to work with you to update your personal vision rich picture on a regular or ad-hoc basis to ensure your personal vision continues to guide you towards your goals.


  • Initial session to agree the scope, focus and duration of the visioning process.
  • Virtual/face to face sessions to explore your professional or life vision.
  • Creation of your personalised vision rich picture.

RESULT: You can see your personal goals and ambitions and have a clear route to achieveing them.

We’d love to talk about your ideas and see if we can help you visualise and achieve them!

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A quick infographic showing the practical business benefits of using visual thinking tools in your work

Visual thinking is a term that you may have heard of, but it isn’t always clear what practical business benefit can be derived from using visual thinking approaches in your work.

To help with this confusion, I’ve put together this quick guide to the Visual Thinking Toolkit that describes how each tool can help you in your business and what the high level result of this approach will be. I hope you find it useful.

John Ashton – Crackerjack Visual Thinking

We’d love to talk about your ideas and see if we can help you visualise and achieve them!

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Having a Vision and successfully achieving it requires three key activities: Communicating, Enabling and Embedding. In these short videos, I share my thoughts on the importance of having a joined-up approach to these key activities and the 3 Steps to successfully achieving your Vision.

A joined-up approach is vital to achieving your Vision!

In this introductory blog episode, I share my thoughts on the importance of having a joined-up approach to these key activities – and what can happen if you don’t!

Step #1: Develop your Vision

In this blog episode, I talk about how visualising your organisations Vision can improve communication, understanding and business performance. This is the all important first step to embedding your Vision!

#2: Develop your People!

In this blog episode, I talk about how aligning the skills, knowledge and behaviours of your people to your Vision is vital in enabling your Vision to be achieved.

Step #3: Develop your Organisation

In this blog episode, I talk about the importance of alining your systems, processes and organisational behaviours with your Vision to deliver a great customer experience and build trust in your organisation.

COMING SOON – We will shortly be launching our new Achieving Your Vision members area on our website which will provide you with support, resources and guidance to help you successfully implement your Vision across your organisation. Click on the subscribe button below to keep up to date!

John Ashton – Crackerjack Visual Thinking


Crackerjack Visual Thinking was recently asked by David Hall, Eastlight Homes Executive Director for Resources, to create a whiteboard animation to support the finance section of Eastlight’s 2021 Annual General Meeting.

The brief was to create an engaging, informative and fun animation that provided an overview of how Eastlight provides value for money for its customers. David has kindly agreed to let us share the ‘Value for Money Journey’ animation below which takes people “along a road very near you”…

Eastlight Homes AGM 2021 Value for Money Journey Whiteboard Animation

After the event, we asked David how the animation had been received by the AGM audience and his answer was:

“Very well.  We presented the animation at the meeting yesterday evening and had some very positive immediate feedback. People liked the different and more informal approach to this subject and we are going to put it onto our website.”

David Hall | Executive Director Resources | Eastlight Homes

This was great to hear and we’re really pleased that the animation will provide on-going value via Eastlight’s website (in addition to the original aim of creating the animation for use at Eastlight’s AGM).

John Ashton – Crackerjack Visual Thinking

Oops! Our ‘Contact Us’ page has been broken!

Huge apologies if you’ve been trying to contact us via our website or through our blog posts over the last few weeks – our contact form developed an issue which has meant it hasn’t been delivering your messages to us!

This is now fixed. If you have been trying to contact us discuss how we can help you illustrate your organisations Vision to engage your people, partners and customers, please do reconnect using either of the options below:

Phone: +44 (0)115 96483381

Creating your organisations vision for 2022 (now is the time!)

With just under 3 months to go before 2022, have you got a clear idea of your vision for 2022? If not, now is the time to create that vision and begin sharing it with your people!

For various reasons, many organisations only begin planning for the new year ahead a month or two after it has begun! That’s a couple of months where people may not have the clarity or direction they need to lay the foundations for a successful year ahead.

Creating a clear vision for 2022 ahead of time allows people to prepare themselves, their teams and their organisations ready for the start of the New Year. Investing time and resource into creating your vision now will pay dividends (metaphorical and literal!) in the coming year.

To discuss how best to visualise your vision for 2022, please do give us a call on +44 (0)115 6483381 or contact us.


John Ashton – Founder of Crackerjack Visual Thinking

Does your retail organisation have a clear vision for sales success this Christmas?

Christmas is the month after next – don’t panic!!! Having a clear vision for sales success will help everyone in your organisation know what they need to do achieve your seasonal goals.

Giving your people clarity about what they need to do at any time of year is important in the retail sector, but even more so when faced with the pressures and demands of the all important Christmas period.

Whilst you will probably have your sourcing plans in place, ensuring that your manufacturing, supply chain, order fulfilment, support services and customer facing operations are aligned, joined-up and working effectively will remain a key challenge over the next few months.

This is not only a matter of helping people understand their specific role in your organisation, but also helping them understand how their actions directly and indirectly impact on other people and processes involved upstream and downstream from them in your seasonal operations.

Illustrating the vision for your organisations Christmas operations via a rich picture can be one of the most effective ways of aligning your people to your plans in the run up to this key trading period. This approach creates a shared understanding of what needs to be done, as well as helping people see how they can best support their colleagues across the organisation in achieving your seasonal trading goals.

To talk more about creating a clear vision for sales success this Christmas, please call +44 (0)115 6483381 or contact us.


John Ashton – Founder of Crackerjack Visual Thinking

What do all of our clients have in common?

Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors and specialisms, yet they all have one thing in common; the desire to engage people with their work in as impactful, memorable, informative and visual way as possible.

Helping people easily and clearly see the value and benefit of an organisation and its work (via rich pictures, graphic recording or whiteboard animation) serves a number of purposes:

  • For team members: ENGAGEMENT AND MOTIVATION. It helps them understand how the work they do day in and day out contributes to the organisations goals.
  • For leaders in the organisation: STRATEGY AND DIRECTION. It helps them to consider the bigger organisational picture in the decisions they make and the priorities they set for themselves and their teams.
  • For customers: UNDERSTANDING AND ENGAGEMENT. It helps them to see how the organisation operates, how it aligns with their values and how it will provide them with the product or service they require.

Our clients use our images and animations as both standalone resources and often as part of a wider internal or external communication initiative.

Another experience our clients have in common is that the more they use our illustrations and animations across their organisations, the better the shared understanding of their organisation becomes. This enables more effective conversations and meetings and, in turn, increases action and productivity – all of which are vital to achieving the organisations aims and objectives.

You can read more about our clients experiences of working with Crackerjack Visual Thinking on our home page.

To discuss how Crackerjack Visual Thinking could help your organisation engage people with your story and vision, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

John Ashton – Founder of Crackerjack Visual Thinking

Can your business tick all the boxes in this SIMPLE business health check?

It can be easy to lose track of the big picture and get lost in the complexity of running your business. To help with this, here’s a simple template I’ve developed to help you check the health of your business.

The health check uses the SIMPLE mnemonic to focus on 6 key areas of running a business:

Experience (i.e. customer experience)

Simply work your way around the template and see if you can tick all the boxes against each of the statements shown.

If you can tick all the boxes then great! Although don’t be complacent and regularly use the health check to ensure this continues to be the case.

If you can’t tick all the boxes, take time to examine the reasons for this and plan the actions you need to take to enable you to tick the box.

Click on the button below to download the SIMPLE business health check:

If you’d like to talk more about the health check, please do get in contact.



John Ashton | Crackerjack Visual Thinking