The importance of having a clear vision in uncertain times​

CVT Post 7th Oct 22 Uncertain Times

The list of concerns facing people at the moment can drive a number of emotions and reactions, ranging from general concern through to fear and anxiety. In these type of situations, it becomes increasingly important for people to have certainty around the things that are important to them – including their jobs and the stability of the organisations they work for.

What do all these brands have in common?

Crackerjack Clients

Whether it’s communicating with customers, clients or team members, they have all recognised the impact and engagement a visual approach to communicating information can have on people.

Visualise the WHY to create trust

WHY - Golden Circle Apr 2022

Building on Simon Sinek’s well-known Golden Circle Theory, visualising your ‘WHY’ helps create trust and loyalty in your organisation – both internally with your team and externally with your customers.