Visual Thinking Skills Training Online Course

Course overview

The Visual Thinking Skills online training course is designed to help you develop your drawing and listening skills, enabling you to capture people’s thoughts and ideas as they have them in the form of sketches, diagrams and pictures. The images you learn to create will help you explore ideas, capture moments of realisation and help people SEE their BIG IDEAS! Find out more in the video below…

Who is the course aimed at?

This Visual Thinking Skills online training course is ideal for:

  • Coaches
  • Facilitators
  • Trainers
  • Team Leaders, Managers and anyone who runs meetings
  • Anyone who needs to capture other people’s thinking in their work!

"But I can't draw!!!"

Don’t worry if you think you can’t draw! Everyone has the ability to create meaningful images – this isn’t about being the next Leonardo Da Vinci! Helping you create simple drawings that convey meaning and drive discussion is the aim of this course.


  • You will understand how to unleash the power of visual thinking in your work to help people more easily see and share their big ideas!
  • You will be able to identify the key themes and issues that need to be captured and represented visually to aid your client’s learning and understanding. 
  • You will have the confidence and ability to create pictures in a variety of formats to suit your clients needs such as:

1:1 Course option

Delivery Method

1:1 workshop (via Zoom) tailored to your specific learning requirements.

Email and phone support.

Follow-up online sessions (via Zoom).

Open Course option

Delivery Method

1-Day Online Live-streamed and Interactive Workshop* (via Zoom).

Follow-up 2 Hour Online Session (via Zoom).

Facebook private group for sharing experiences, asking questions and celebrating visual thinking achievements!

*Note: There are a maximum of 6 people on each open course.

Course Fee

£475 + VAT

Dates of next Open Courses


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A picture does indeed speak a thousand words!

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The details

1 day live-streamed online workshop (via Zoom)

This online live-streamed workshop is highly interactive and you will spend most of the day drawing.

Questions and discussion are encouraged and welcomed!

The workshop is structured as follows:

  • Welcome, Intro and Objectives
  • Visual Thinking overview
  • Drawing techniques
  • Drawing techniques (cont’d)
  • Visual flow
  • Useful visual templates
  • ’Your Personal Journey’ Activity
  • Listen > Think > Draw: the process
  • Listen > Think > Draw: practise sessions (in Zoom Breakout Rooms)
  • ‘Making it Real’ Activity.
  • Session wrap-up, Q&A and next steps

Follow-up 2 Hour session (via Zoom)

The follow-up Zoom session (which usually takes place 3 – 4 weeks after the 1 day workshop) provides participants with the opportunity to share their experiences and learnings relating to implementing visual thinking approaches into their coaching practice.

There is also opportunity for a Q&A session with your facilitator about any aspect of visual thinking.

The Zoom session is structured as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Sharing experiences and learnings since the face to face workshop.
  • Q&A
  • Session wrap-up and next steps.

Your facilitator

John Ashton
John Ashton

John Ashton (founder of Crackerjack) will facilitate the workshop and share his knowledge and experience of visual thinking techniques and approaches with you. He has facilitated visual thinking skills workshops for both academic and commercial organisations including House of Fraser, University of Aberdeen and Interflora.

Throughout his career in Learning and Development at Boots the Chemist and Nottingham Building Society, John had always taken a visual approach to his work, incorporating visuals and creative interactive visual activities into the various L&D initiatives he developed. In 2009, he decided to set up Crackerjack People Development Ltd (trading as Crackerjack Visual Thinking) to devote his time to working visually to help people see their big ideas.

The clear synergies between the worlds of coaching and visual thinking (i.e. allowing people to visualise their thinking as part of the coaching process) led him to create the Visual Thinking Skills for Coaching Hybrid Training Course.