1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ for Business Owners

The 1-1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™



Having a clear vision and strategy is vital to the success of any new or established business, providing the direction and plan to enable the achievement of the businesses goals and aspirations. This especially true for SME’s and micro-businesses.

The 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ is based on the visual thinking approaches we have used with large companies including those shown below:

Clients we have worked with include:

We have then tailored our visual thinking process into a 3 hour online session to help SME and micro-business owners get real clarity on their vision and strategy.

‘See’ your vision and strategy

Our approach helps you literally ‘see’ your vision and strategy by working through our 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ and creating your Vision and Strategy Map rich picture illustration.

Vision and Strategy Map Example
Vision and Strategy Map Example
Holistic view of your business

This approach uses our bespoke visual templates to visually build up the various layers of your business into your finalised rich picture illustration.

Process Layers

Our process provides an holistic view of your business, covering important elements including:

  • The vision and purpose of your business.
  • Your business strategy.
  • Your line of sight to your customers.
  • Your key customer relationships.
  • Your key supplier/vendor relationships.
  • How your business generates income and funding.
  • The skills and behaviours required in your business.
  • How you utilise, store and manage data.
Action Checklist

The final step of the initial 1:1 session is to help you identify the actions you will need to take to achieve your Vision. These will be captured on our ‘Action Checklist’ that you will receive along with your Vision and Strategy Map rich picture illustration after the event.

Follow-up review session

3 months after your initial session, we will arrange a follow-up session of up to 1 hour with you to review your progress against your action plan. This provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon your progress and plan next steps towards implementing your strategy and implementing our vision.

The Benefits

Working through the 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ and receiving your ‘Vision and Strategy Map’ and ‘Action Checklist’ will provide you with valuable knowledge, insight and understanding of your business, enabling you to:

  • Keep focused on implementing your strategy and working towards your vision.
  • Share your vision and strategy with others (team members, stakeholders, partners etc).
  • Measure your progress against your strategy.

Client comments

What's included?

  • 1:1 online session (up to 3 hours) with you to work through our unique Crackerjack Visioning Process™.
  • Your finalised ‘Vision and Strategy Map’ and ‘Action Checklist’ emailed to you within 1 week of your session (as PDF files).
  • Online 1 hour session to review progress against your Vision and Strategy Map (normally 3 months after your initial session).

Who's it for?

  • Business owners (including SME and Micro-Business Owners of new and established businesses).

How much does it cost?

The 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ costs from £2995 + VAT.

This is payable in advance by bank transfer or credit card (2.5% charge applies for credit card transactions).

Optional Extra's

  • Additional online review sessions (e.g. 6, 9, 12 months after our initial session).
  • Printed versions of your Vision and Strategy Map.
  • Visual Vision and Values Workshop to include and engage your team in building your organisations vision for the future.

How to begin the process!

To begin the 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™,  please contact us using the form below or call +44 (0)115 6483381 to discuss how we can help you see how to develop and grow your business!

Contact Us to sign-up to the 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ for Business Owners!

Please use the form below to contact us or call us on +44 (0)115 6483381 to discuss getting started with the 1:1 Crackerjack Visioning Process™ (or with any questions you may have about the process).