Variety is the spice of life!

Variety is the spice of life – well it certainly is here at Crackerjack Visual Thinking!

Just taking a look back at some of the rich pictures I’ve created for clients over 2023 and sectors covered include travel, healthcare, charity, renewable energy, logistics, IT and bid writing.

The common thread is that they all have chosen to use visual thinking and rich pictures to help them communicate their vision and/or strategy to their teams, prospects and customers.

I love the challenge of learning about new sectors and businesses and then turning this information into accessible, informative and engaging rich pictures for clients. It’s what ‘floats my boat’! 😀

In the next couple of weeks I’m beginning projects with two new clients who are both in sectors that I’ve not worked in before – so it will be an exciting and interesting run up to Christmas!

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Variety Nov 23

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