Does your organisation need a Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)?

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What is a CVO?

If you’re a new, existing and/or growing organisation, having a clear vision is vital in enabling your people to focus their efforts on the activities and innovations that will enable the vision to be achieved. A CVO is focussed on ensuring this happens as effectively as possible.

The CVO typically plays a strategic role in an organisation by focusing on long-term goals and innovation. Their purpose is to:

  • Define and communicate a compelling vision: CVOs articulate a clear and inspiring vision for the company’s future, aligning it with the organisation’s mission and values.
  • Drive innovation: They lead efforts to identify and explore new opportunities, technologies and market trends that can help the company stay ahead of the competition.
  • Foster creativity: CVOs encourage a culture of innovation and creativity within the organisation, often by promoting collaboration and idea generation.
  • Guide strategic planning: They work closely with other executives and teams to develop strategic plans that support the long-term vision, ensuring the company’s growth and sustainability.
  • Engage external stakeholders: CVOs may also engage with external stakeholders, such as customers, partners, and investors, to gather insights and feedback that inform the company’s vision and strategy.

A CVO helps steer the company towards its future goals by envisioning new possibilities and ensuring the organisation remains adaptable and forward-thinking.

Fractional CVOs

If you like the idea of a CVO for your organisation, but are thinking that employing a CVO would be too expensive, hiring a ‘Fractional CVO’ may be the answer you are looking for.

Fractional CVOs can be hired on a part-time or consulting basis (rather than being a full-time employee of the organisation), which can be particularly beneficial for smaller companies or startups that may not have the resources to employ a full-time role.

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