The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 is taking place this week in Davos, Switzerland. Its key theme this year is about creating ‘resilient dynamism’ – in other words helping organisations, governments and other body’s to create a positive and creative environment in which growth and development can happen within an evermore transformational, complex, challenging, competitive and inter-connected world.

To enable this ‘resilient dynamism’ to flourish will initially require:

  • A clear vision of what is meant by the term ‘resilient dynamism’.
  • A clear strategic plan of how this global goal can be achieved.
  • The engagement of employees and employers around the globe with the vision and strategic plan.
  • Initiatives to ensure the that organisations and their people have the skills and ability to play their part in achieving the global goal of ‘resilient dynamism’.

To achieve the above, people development, organisational development, employee engagement and clear (visual) thinking would seem to have an important role to play. Crackerjack therefore hopes that the importance of these disciplines is recognised as part of the toolkit required to achieve ‘resilient dynamism’ during the discussions in Davos.