Collaboratively build your Vision and Values

Collaboratively working with your people to create or renew the vision and values of your organisation can be one of the most valuable activities you can undertake as a leader.

Whether you are an SME, charity, non-profit or a large corporate, collaborative visioning helps your teams understand the purpose and aims of your organisation and gives clarity on the activities they can undertake to develop and/or grow your organisation.

Our Vision and Values Workshop provides a unique three stage approach to developing your vision and values:

STAGE 1: A highly visual and interactive 1 day workshop exploring the vision and values of your organisation. The day also includes opportunity to identify the practical steps and activities needed to achieve your vision.

STAGE 2: The creation of a rich picture of your vision that everyone can easily understand, discuss and engage with across you organisation. This becomes the map and guide to the achievement of your vision.

STAGE 3: A follow-up review session to measure progress towards achieving your vision (6 or 12 months after the initial workshop).

To find out more and book your workshop and hear from one of our clients about their experience as a CEO of the visioning process click on the image below:

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