Vision and Values Workshops for Teams

GENERIC Vision Lab Workshop

We have three very important questions for you:

Q1: Are you wanting to help your team build a collaborative vision of your shared future?

Q2: Are you wanting inclusivity and engagement to be key parts of the process of building your future vision?

Q3: Are you wanting a clear, impactful and value added output from the visioning process that helps you share and communicate your vision both internally and externally with your people, stakeholders partners and customers?

If the answer to these questions is “YES!”, then look no further!


Growing your business requires a clear vision that everyone in your team can easily understand, discuss and engage with.

Our interactive, visual thinking based visioning workshop and rich picture illustrations combine to provide you and your team with a collaborative approach to building your vision and a impactful and engaging way of sharing your vision with your people, teams, partners and customers!

We use a three stage approach which includes:

Stage 1 – Collaborative Visioning Workshop
  • Visualising your Purpose and core Values – the essence of what you do and how you do it.

  • Identifying the practical actions you need to take to achieve your  vision.

  • Defining the Skills & Behaviours that will allow your people to deliver your vision.

Pipster Solutions Visioning Workshop
Pipster Solutions Visioning Workshop
Stage 2 – Vision Rich Picture
  • Creation of your organisations unique rich picture illustrating your organisations vision and values + the skills, behaviours and strategy needed to achieve it. Examples of rich pictures created for our clients include:

Stage 3 – Follow-Up Review Sessions

  • 6/12 month review sessions to visualise your progress towards achieving your vision.


How is this workshop delivered?

The workshop can be run in person or remotely.

Is the workshop scaleable?

Yes – the workshop can be run for individuals, teams or whole organisations.

How long is the workshop?

The standard workshop is 1 day – however, following on from the previous point, the workshop can be tailored to you specific needs.

How quickly will we get our Rich Picture?

The creation of you finalised rich picture will take up to 2 weeks after your workshop.

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop is priced according to your specific requirements and takes into account how the workshop is delivered, the type and size of your organisation and the number of workshops required.

The importance of visualising your 'WHY'

WHY - Golden Circle Apr 2022

Why Rich Pictures work so well for creating a shared understanding of your vision


Having a single visual overview of the various elements of your business allows people to see connections and linkages that may otherwise not be apparent. This builds on the brains ability to process visual data extremely effectively and creatively (which is based on the way the brain itself connects information via its neural pathways).

In addition, the visual impact and engagement a rich picture creates encourages people to want to look at the picture and understand the key messages it’s trying to communicate.

Hear more from one of our clients about the workshop!

In the videos below, Rob Parkinson, CEO of LOROS Hospice, talks about his experiences of using our Vision and Value Workshops to create the LOROS Vision for the next 5 years. Rob gives his top tips to others going through a similar process and also shares his thoughts on how the visual thinking approach encourages inclusivity and engagement. He also discussed how the visual approach can help identify linkages and learning’s that may not always be obvious using more traditional approaches to creating an organisations vision.

Top Tips for the visioning process…

Inclusivity and engagement…


Who have we worked with?

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