Talent Transfer Ltd uses a Crackerjack animation to tell its story

Talent Transfer Ltd aims to successfully identify and develop talented individuals from one profession and transfer their skills to another. Ahead of the launch of Talent Transfer Ltd on 25th January 2022, Dr Tracy Rea (who has transferred her own talents across a variety of senior roles in high performance sport, finance and construction) talks about how she has approached communicating her Talent Transfer story to ensure it appeals to a variety of different audiences and engages them with the important ideas behind the Talent Transfer concept.

Why was communicating your Talent Transfer story an important part of the launch of your business?

Talent Transfer is a niche research area that was borne from high performance sport. However, the principles and framework was something I wanted to apply to the business context so that potential clients could understand the concept.

Why did you choose whiteboard animation to communicate your story?

I wanted to use a method that would stand out. Being a visual learner myself. I have seen others use a whiteboard animation approach and it made an impact on me. I took away not only the visuals but the messaging and this enabled me to synthesise the information better. There is a lot of information to try and relay to understand Talent Transfer – more than the mission statement and how it can benefit the customer. For the 4 ½ minutes (the length of my script), that this animation is playing, it allows me to condense a lot of content. So as an approach, a positive and information rich expedience through a focussed video that makes advertising more exciting. It is a simple rather than elaborate approach (i.e. a huge marketing campaign) and will appeal to different audiences.

You chose to work with Crackerjack Visual Thinking on this project – how did you work together to create the whiteboard animation?

After engaging Crackerjack Visual Thinking, myself and John from Crackerjack co-created the script and content to to reflect the narrative and ensure that I would be able to use this with potential clients either through my website or as part of presentations. It was an easy process as I had a clear idea as to what I wanted from our collaboration. John took on board details such as branding of my website and colour schemes and incorporated these into the final animation. He then guided me through an iterative development process, sharing updated versions of the animation for my review and feedback. John even gave me tips for recording my VoiceOver for the animation – one of which was to record the script whilst sitting under a towel to reduce background noise and echo’s! The end result is an animation that meets my aims of being able to share my story, in my words and with my animation, to potential clients and help them understand the concept of Talent Transfer.

Would you recommend this approach to others wanting to communicate key messages and stories about their business?

I would advocate this approach to all business owners who are looking to make an impact and want to try something different.

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