SEE your BIG IDEAS with Visual Coaching

What is Visual Coaching?

Visual coaching combines best practice coaching and visual thinking approaches to help people SEE their BIG IDEAS.

Non-directive coaching builds on the idea that a person has the right knowledge and is best placed to identify their own way forward – they simply need to be asked the right questions in the right way to help them reveal the answer that was within them all along.

Combining this non-directive coaching approach with visual thinking and literally helping a person draw out this knowledge in picture form greatly enhances this process. As an example, links between issues that have may not have been obvious by simply talking about a subject are visualised more clearly using the visual approach.

What are the results of this approach?

The combination of non-directive coaching and visual thinking results in:

  • Deeper understanding.
  • Greater clarity.
  • A clear way forward.

Who would benefit from Visual Coaching?

  • Anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of specific subjects relating to the achievement of their personal or professional goals.

What's included in Crackerjack's Visual Coaching service?

  • Initial session to agree to the scope, focus and duration of the coaching support to be provided.
  • Coaching sessions to explore subjects relating to the achievement of personal or professional goals.
  • PDF version of visual output from each session for reference and inspiration!
Visual Coaching - Crackerjack Visual Thinking

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