Forming closer #strategic #partnerships using #visualthinking

I’m currently designing a visual rich picture for a client to use with one of their own key customers. The rich picture is visualising my clients ideas about how their customer can increase sales in a specific category in their UK-wide store network.

Here’s a quick work in progress peek at one very small section of the rich picture:

Shopping 2

What’s great from my perspective is that my client really wants to support their customer for both of their mutual benefits (i.e. increasing sales is good for both parties). They want to be a strategic partner and not just simply a ‘supplier’.

And of course, investing in having a one page visual rich picture created to tell their story and share their ideas with their customer helps communicate their thinking so much more quickly and effectively than a report or multi-page powerpoint presentation.

If you want to discuss how you can share your story with your customers, do contact us or visit

Published by John Ashton

I work with you and your people to create images that start a conversation in your organisation. If you are an organisation going through change, starting something new or simply wanting to engage people with your idea or story, I can help. Using a combination of people development techniques, visual thinking approaches and graphic facilitation skills, I help organisations and individuals discuss, explore and visualise their thinking – increasing understanding, learning and collaboration in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. So, if your organisation is going through change, starting something new or simply wanting to engage people with your story, please contact me using the contact details above or visit to find out more.

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