RNLI Flags and Visual Thinking


Hope you are having a good summer. I’ve been on holiday (in fair weather and foul here in the UK!) and was sat on the beach the other day when I started thinking about how visual thinking even plays a part in our summer holidays.

The RNLI lifeguards (who do such a great job keeping us safe in the water) use a system of flags to indicate where you can safely go in the water and when you should stay out of the sea due to dangerous conditions. Whilst the flags have no specific imagery on them, the colour combinations seem to be generally well understood by beach-goers. This could be due to word-of-mouth, effective communication initiatives from the RNLI and more detailed signage being available at the entrances to the beaches.

In terms of visually communicating important information rapidly and clearly, the RNLI flag system is a great example of visual communication.

What other great examples of visual thinking and visual communication have you seen on your holidays? Feel free to share in the comments below!


Picture credit: The RNLI website.

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