Which type of client are you?

Which one are you like

Crackerjack has worked with clients of all sizes and across a range of sectors who have all needed our help in visualising their vision and purpose. We can categorise them into three distinct types of client:

Client Type 1: An individual or group of key stakeholders with clear idea of their Vision and simply need Crackerjack to work with them turn their ideas into a rich picture illustration.
Client Type 2: An individual or group of key stakeholders that want Crackerjack to help them develop their thinking around their Vision, then turn it into a rich picture illustration and then check that it engages their people.
Client Type 3: An individual or group of key stakeholders that want to fully engage as many of their people as possible in the development of their Vision.

Each client type requires a different level of support from Crackerjack ranging from a couple of online meetings through to full engagement projects involving multiple workshops (face to face or online) with people across an organisation.

If you are thinking about developing your organisations vision, which Client Type are you?

To find out how Crackerjack can support you in developing and visualising your vision (whatever Client Type you are!), click on the button below.

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