SEE Your BIG IDEA™ idea visual coaching sessions


2 hours of exploration, challenge, fun and productivity...

Combing a coaching approach with the power of visual thinking, our SEE Your BIG IDEA™ idea visualisation sessions are 2 hours of exploration, challenge, fun and productivity to help you get that great idea you’ve got out of your head and into a unique BIG IDEA ILLUSTRATION™.

The BIG IDEA ILLUSTRATION™ is created by Crackerjack in real-time during your session, capturing your initial idea and then developing and growing as we explore your idea in more detail using a coaching-based approach to check and challenge your thinking.

At the end of the SEE Your BIG IDEA™ session, you’ll be able to use your BIG IDEA ILLUSTRATION™ to guide your thinking as you take the next steps towards turning your BIG IDEA into reality!

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