It can be easy to lose track of the big picture and get lost in the complexity of running your business. To help with this, here’s a simple template I’ve developed to help you check the health of your business.

The health check uses the SIMPLE mnemonic to focus on 6 key areas of running a business:

Experience (i.e. customer experience)

Simply work your way around the template and see if you can tick all the boxes against each of the statements shown.

If you can tick all the boxes then great! Although don’t be complacent and regularly use the health check to ensure this continues to be the case.

If you can’t tick all the boxes, take time to examine the reasons for this and plan the actions you need to take to enable you to tick the box.

Click on the button below to download the SIMPLE business health check:

If you’d like to talk more about the health check, please do get in contact.



John Ashton | Crackerjack Visual Thinking

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