Crackerjack on camera! #visualthinking


Hope you’re having a good summer. I’m back in the studio after a couple of weeks holiday down in Devon. It’s great to back – but I wish I could nip down to the beach for a bit of bodyboarding! Tricky when I’m sitting in the middle of the UK about as far from the sea as it’s possible to be in this country!


I had a great day yesterday working on whiteboard animation for Oxford Medical Illustration (OMI). I drew a number of different images directly onto the whiteboard and this was filmed in full 4K high-resolution. The studio had the lighting set up to minimise shadows and reflections. Here’s a picture of the studio set-up:

OMI Studio

The outputs from the session will now be used as part of an internal communications campaign and be combined with a number ‘talking heads’ videos. We hope to be able to share elements of the whiteboard animation with you shortly.

To discuss how whiteboard animation can help you communicate ideas to your people, please contact us.

Published by John Ashton

I work with you and your people to create images that start a conversation in your organisation. If you are an organisation going through change, starting something new or simply wanting to engage people with your idea or story, I can help. Using a combination of people development techniques, visual thinking approaches and graphic facilitation skills, I help organisations and individuals discuss, explore and visualise their thinking – increasing understanding, learning and collaboration in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. So, if your organisation is going through change, starting something new or simply wanting to engage people with your story, please contact me using the contact details above or visit to find out more.

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