The average lifespan of a company is decreasing.

New lifestyles and technologies mean that companies need to constantly innovate and change. Reviewing your business and learning from its successes (and failures!) is therefore vital.


The ‘Recharge Pack‘ has been designed provide you with an opportunity to do this using the power of coaching and the clarity of visual thinking.

The Recharge Pack consists of:

FREE 30 minute kick-off phone conversation.

4 x 2 hour visual coaching sessions using large graphic templates (known as ‘Big Pictures’) to explore the following questions:

– Big Picture #1: Have you achieved the vision of success (on both a business and personal level) you had when you started your business?

– Big Picture #2: Is your current business model robust, sustainable and scalable?*

– Big Picture #3: What makes your business so different? Clue: it’s your customer experience…

– Big Picture #4: How you will grow your business and ensure it’s fit for the future.

* The Big Picture #2 session uses the Business Model Canvas developed by Alex Osterwalder (worldwide best-selling author of the Business Model Generation handbook).

The visual coaching sessions can be held wherever is most convenient for you.

During each coaching session, Crackerjack will work with you to co-create each of the Big Pictures. You can expect your thinking to be challenged and new ideas to be generated during these sessions.

At the end of each of the above sessions, you will take-away the completed ‘Big Picture’ to use as both a reference and an action plan for developing your existing business.

Click on the example template below to view an example of one of our smaller graphic templates:

Visual Business Coaching Recharge Temp medium

3 x FREE visual coaching templates to further challenge and develop your thinking about your existing business.

3 x 30 minute follow-up phone coaching sessions to help you maximise the benefit of your learning’s from the Recharge Pack experience.

To find out more and extend the lifespan of your business, please contact us.

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