Crackerjack now has visual thinking AND business startup websites!

Crackerjack now has two websites! provides you information about all of our visual thinking services including graphic recording and info graphics. aims to help you organise, visualise and develop your thinking about your new (or existing!) business by providing easy to use and engaging business development tools aimed primarily at entrepreneurs and new […]

The average lifespan of a company is decreasing

The average lifespan of a company is decreasing. New lifestyles and technologies mean that companies need to constantly innovate and change. Reviewing your business and learning from its successes (and failures!) is therefore vital. The ‘Recharge Pack‘ has been designed provide you with an opportunity to do this using the power of coaching and the clarity of visual thinking. The Recharge Pack […]

How not to be one of the 75% of business start-ups that fail

Over 75% of business start-ups fail within three years of launch. In the majority of cases, start-ups fail because the business owners do not have: A clear vision of what success will look like for their business and themselves. A fully thought through business model that is both sustainable and scalable. A unique customer experience that differentiates their business from the […]

Small business owners – do you give yourself time to think about your business?

Small business owners out there – do you give yourself time to think about your business and where it’s going? Do you create the opportunity to step back and think about your business model, your customer experience and how you engage with your people? Do you get other business owners feedback about your business? If […]

Checking and challenging your business model

The importance of ensuring that your business model (whether new or existing) maximises the performance of your organisation can not be underestimated. Regularly checking and challenging your business model is an essential key organisational health-check tool. Learn more… #BusinessModel