Engaging your people using a visual ‘strategic narrative’

Visual thinking 7

David Macleod and Nita Clarke, authors of the ‘Engaging for Success‘ report produced for the Department of Business, recommended four key enablers to employee engagement:

  • Having a strong ‘strategic narrative’
  • Having engaged managers
  • Ensuring the ‘employee voice‘ is heard
  • Leading with integrity (the ‘say do gap‘)

Crackerjack Visual Thinking can help organisations develop their strategic narrative using a variety of visual thinking tools and techniques.

The example above was created for Action Homeless to help describe their vision to both their internal people and to external partner organisations.

To find out how we could help your organisation, please click here to contact us.

Published by John Ashton

I combine coaching, consultancy and visual thinking to help you grow your ideas and communicate your vision.

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