Lesson’s from a blizzard

As I write, I’m looking out from my office window into a raging blizzard. The tree’s and building’s I can normally see have all but disappeared, the snow flying past the window obscures my vision. However, if I half close my eyes and squint, I can actually see the outline of the building’s and tree’sContinue reading “Lesson’s from a blizzard”

Can you ‘see’ your customer?

Do people in your organisation really see how their job impacts on the experience of external customers (i.e. the people who buy your products and services)? Or are they so far removed from the front line that the external customer doesn’t figure in their thinking? Does this matter? If you think it does, using a visualContinue reading “Can you ‘see’ your customer?”

Crackerjack: the engagement, learning and creativity alchemists!

Crackerjack People Development is now a multi-disciplinary consultancy focussed on helping people and organisations perform to their maximum potential. We achieve this by offering a blended consultancy approach which incorporates the following disciplines: Learning and Development Designing and delivering pragmatic learning solutions that enable people to improve their performance in the workplace Visual Thinking Facilitating workshops and eventsContinue reading “Crackerjack: the engagement, learning and creativity alchemists!”

Think visually in 2013!

Happy New Year! Why not make 2013 the year when you and your organisation unleash the power of visual thinking? Visually communicating your thoughts and ideas to others using pictures, diagrams, scribbles and cartoons etc. could help you find the big idea that leads to success in 2013 and beyond! To find out how CrackerjackContinue reading “Think visually in 2013!”

Got a difficult problem to solve?

Have you and/or your organisation got a particularly difficult problem to solve? Have you had numerous meetings about this issue without moving things forward? If so, then it may well be time for a different approach!!! Using a visual thinking approach can help you ‘see’ the problem more clearly and identify more innovative and creative ways ofContinue reading “Got a difficult problem to solve?”

Graphic recording for Sheffield Hallam University

Crackerjack is looking forward to graphically recording a meeting for a senior leadership team at Sheffield Hallam University next week. Another example of people wanting to use the power of visual thinking to help their meeting live on after the event itself…

Systems Thinking x Visual Thinking = Organisational Clarity

In complex organisations, trying to understand how the various elements of the business fit together and co-exist can be challenging. By using a visual thinking approach and working with your people to visually map your business on large wall charts, you are able to see the organisation and understand more easily how your business operatesContinue reading “Systems Thinking x Visual Thinking = Organisational Clarity”

Engage your people through visual thinking…

Are you wanting to engage more fully with your people and help them see that their organisation wants and values their thoughts, ideas and opinions? Do you have an opportunity to meet with your people in the next few weeks (e.g. a meeting, conference or event)? If so, Crackerjack Visual Thinking would be happy toContinue reading “Engage your people through visual thinking…”

Visualising your achievements during 2012…

Next month sees the end of another year. I’m sure that you’ve achieved a great deal during 2012 and it’s important to allow yourself to recognise this. However, sometimes it’s not always easy to remember your own successes (and indeed learning’s) from the last year. My suggestion is that you try visualising what you’ve doneContinue reading “Visualising your achievements during 2012…”