Visualising the work of CFE Ltd

Great day yesterday working with @OrdinaryJon to help visualise the role of @cfe_ltd in the @BigLotteryFund ‘fulfilling lives’ programme.

Graphic recording for Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and RESS

The graphic recording from yesterday’s session at Sheffield University (  Had a great afternoon graphic recording a 2 hour session up at Sheffield University. The session was co-facilitated by representatives from the UK Department of Business, Skills and Innovation and from the Research Exchange for the Social Sciences (RESS) based at Sheffield University. Participants in […]

What do you call a gathering of graphic recorders?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with 11 other graphic recorders at a leadership event. It was brilliant to have the opportunity to see the similarities and differences in our work as we visually brought to life the participants thoughts and thinking through our graphic recordings. And we also concluded that a group of […]

Graphic recording under Concorde!

Spent the afternoon graphic recording literally under Concorde (the supersonic aircraft) at Manchester Airport! #supersonic #graphicrecording

What can Graphic Recording add to my meeting or event?

A graphic recording will tell the story of your meeting or event including themes, facts, memorable conversations and key images. Having a graphic recording created during your meeting or event allows: Facilitators/meeting leaders to: use the graphic recording to summarise progress during the meeting. use the graphic recording to summarise the meeting at the end […]

Off to Paris we go!

Just had confirmed a three day graphic recording job in Paris for a client who wants an engaging record of the event that can be used both during and after the meeting to engage team members across the organisation. #graphicrecording #visualthinking #engagement

A clear vision is the compass to success

When starting a new business, having a clear vision of what success looks like on both a business and personal level is vital. This knowledge is the compass that will guide you towards that success. #businesssuccess #visualthinking

What makes your business so different?

Do you really know what makes your business so different from the competition? Successful businesses ask themselves this question on a regular basis. Do you? #visualbusinessdevelopmnenttools #bigpicture #visualthinking #insightpack