In the UK, it’s the half term holidays for many schools and many of you may be taking a few days off to spend time with your kids.

Although there are many things that take up children’s attention during the holidays, (from sports activities to X-Boxes), in my experience kids still really enjoy drawing. A blank piece of paper and some felt-tip pens allow them to be creative and share their ideas (whether it’s Star Wars inspired picture, a fairy story or a new monster from their own imagination!).

So why not get involved too and practise your own drawing skills whilst also spending some quality time with the kids! From simply helping them finish one of their drawings through to having a full-on family drawing competition (e.g. who can create the best monster…), the practise will help develop your own drawing skill and confidence.

And then of course you can put these skills to use back in the your workplace and sketch out ideas (maybe not monsters or fairies!) to share your thinking with colleagues more quickly and effectively.

Remember, drawing your ideas is not childish – it’s the smart way to share information!

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