MacMillan Cancer Support and their partners at Sheffield Hallam University recently asked Crackerjack Visual Thinking to create a live graphic recording of a 2 hour event which was part of their Active Everyday campaign. This campaign is encouraging patients and healthcare professionals to change their mindsets and encourage appropriate exercise as part of the recovery process following treatment for cancer. Here’s the graphic I produced live in the session:

Active Everyday
Active Everyday
 After the event, Liam Humphries from Sheffield Hallam University (who organised the event) said:

“The event included a diverse blend of delegates, including clinicians, nurses, researchers, commissioners, and people affected by cancer. The programme included many different speakers all promoting the benefits of physical activity for people with cancer. I asked John to attend the event because I wanted a creative way of providing delegates with an overview of the day.

The finished piece was extremely well received by the attendees and John was able to explain his artistic vision from what he had heard throughout the event. I now have a great piece of work that I can share with everyone from the event and for events in the future.”

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