Now that’s a novel use for black insulation tape and a whiteboard! #visualthinking

Just spotted this advert for a new TVR sports car which uses just black electrical insulation tape and a whiteboard to visualise a teaser image of the new car. Just shows that you don’t have to stick to pens and paper to communicate your ideas visually! For more ideas on how to visualise your ideasContinue reading “Now that’s a novel use for black insulation tape and a whiteboard! #visualthinking”

Visual thinking: a key element of the people engagement and change process

It’s been a busy few months for Crackerjack Visual Thinking since the start of 2016! Crackerjack’s work has included: Designing and developing hand-drawn animations Designing rich pictures for clients including Westmill Foods Live scribing (graphic recording) for the NHS and Google UK Creating an interactive PDF improvement guide for one of Crackerjack’s key clients TheContinue reading “Visual thinking: a key element of the people engagement and change process”

Small details = Big Conversations #visualthinking #engagement

I’ve just completed a rich picture for a client to help them communicate some important ideas to one of their key customers. As with all of our visual thinking work, the images we create are there to facilitate the right conversations between people. To do this we ensure each element of the image serves a purposeContinue reading “Small details = Big Conversations #visualthinking #engagement”

Seeing the ‘big picture’ #visualthinking #engagement

One of Crackerjack’s clients sent through a picture of the rich picture we created of their organisations past and future journey. It was great to see it in pride of place in their office! We created the rich picture using a collaborative approach with the organisations team members, using their initial thoughts and ideas as theContinue reading “Seeing the ‘big picture’ #visualthinking #engagement”

Crackerjack featured in Research to Action article on Visual Note Taking at Conferences

Very pleased to be featured in an article by Laura french-Constant of Research to Action about Visual Note Taking at Conferences. You can read the article by clicking here. To find out more about how Crackerjack Visual Thinking creates images that start a conversation, contact us at or call us on +44 (0)775 282 6227.

Woodland Trust 10 Year Vision Rich Picture Update

As promised a couple of weeks ago, here’s a quick update on the rich picture I’m creating to help communicate the Woodland Trusts new 10 Year Vision. After reviewing all the available reports, documentation and presentations relating to the new 10 year vision and meeting with a number of key stakeholders involved in the work,Continue reading “Woodland Trust 10 Year Vision Rich Picture Update”

Holiday’s help you refresh your view of the familiar

Whenever I return from a holiday, I’m always struck by how I notice even very small changes that have occurred in the area in which I live. It could be that someone has painted their door a slightly different colour, or that someone has planted a new plant in their garden. I then wonder ifContinue reading “Holiday’s help you refresh your view of the familiar”

Making a graphic vision authentic and engaging for team members

Really pleased to have just secured a project to develop a graphic vision for an organisation. Even more pleased that they have agreed to allow me create the graphic incorporating input and ideas from their team members to ensure it is a truly authentic and engaging vision of the future for their business! #engagement #visionContinue reading “Making a graphic vision authentic and engaging for team members”

A clear vision is the compass to success

When starting a new business, having a clear vision of what success looks like on both a business and personal level is vital. This knowledge is the compass that will guide you towards that success. #businesssuccess #visualthinking