A lasting and engaging record of your next meeting, conference or event

Why not move beyond PowerPoint and written reports of meetings by using graphic recording to create an impactful, lasting and engaging record of your next meeting, conference or event? You could have a large (5m x 1.2m) hand-drawn graphic (like the one shown below) created in real-time during your event! To find out more visitContinue reading “A lasting and engaging record of your next meeting, conference or event”

Making a graphic vision authentic and engaging for team members

Really pleased to have just secured a project to develop a graphic vision for an organisation. Even more pleased that they have agreed to allow me create the graphic incorporating input and ideas from their team members to ensure it is a truly authentic and engaging vision of the future for their business! #engagement #visionContinue reading “Making a graphic vision authentic and engaging for team members”

From basic tools comes real organisational value

I’m currently getting my graphic recording kit together for a two day conference I’m recording at later this week. The kit is pretty basic – marker pens, sticky tape and big roll of paper! However, feedback from my clients tells me that from these simple tools comes real organisational value. They tell me that theContinue reading “From basic tools comes real organisational value”

‘Resilient Dynamism’ – the theme of Davos 2013

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 is taking place this week in Davos, Switzerland. Its key theme this year is about creating ‘resilient dynamism’ – in other words helping organisations, governments and other body’s to create a positive and creative environment in which growth and development can happen within an evermore transformational, complex, challenging, competitiveContinue reading “‘Resilient Dynamism’ – the theme of Davos 2013”

Can you ‘see’ your customer?

Do people in your organisation really see how their job impacts on the experience of external customers (i.e. the people who buy your products and services)? Or are they so far removed from the front line that the external customer doesn’t figure in their thinking? Does this matter? If you think it does, using a visualContinue reading “Can you ‘see’ your customer?”

Engaging your people using a visual ‘strategic narrative’

David Macleod and Nita Clarke, authors of the ‘Engaging for Success‘ report produced for the Department of Business, recommended four key enablers to employee engagement: Having a strong ‘strategic narrative’ Having engaged managers Ensuring the ‘employee voice‘ is heard Leading with integrity (the ‘say do gap‘) Crackerjack Visual Thinking can help organisations develop their strategicContinue reading “Engaging your people using a visual ‘strategic narrative’”

Engage your people through visual thinking…

Are you wanting to engage more fully with your people and help them see that their organisation wants and values their thoughts, ideas and opinions? Do you have an opportunity to meet with your people in the next few weeks (e.g. a meeting, conference or event)? If so, Crackerjack Visual Thinking would be happy toContinue reading “Engage your people through visual thinking…”