The importance of having a clear vision in uncertain times

CVT Post 7th Oct 22 Uncertain Times

War, energy supplies, winter blackouts, increasing mortgage rates…

The list of concerns facing people at the moment can drive a number of emotions and reactions, ranging from general concern through to fear and anxiety. In these type of situations, it becomes increasingly important for people to have certainty around the things that are important to them – including their jobs and the stability of the organisations they work for.

Whilst nothing can ever be guaranteed in terms of job security during these challenging times, the situation can be helped by organisations providing a clear overview of how they plan to achieve their vision over the coming months and years.

Having a clear vision that is ambitious, engaging, motivating and, importantly, achievable and believable, provides people with a degree of trust that the organisation will succeed in its vision. It is this belief and trust that can provide people with a level of comfort and motivation that enables them to continue to perform effectively in their roles – leading to the virtuous circle of the organisation achieving its goals and being able to continue to offer its people the maximum chance of stability and job security possible in these uncertain times.

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